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Our volunteers

A volunteer’s role is primarily as a companion, skilled at listening and providing support, a role that is adapted to the needs of the patients and their families. It takes into consideration a person’s skills, talents, experience and availability.

Volunteers are a link to the outside world and the community .

Qualities sought in a volunteer :

  • Speak fluently french
  • Selflessness
  • Spirit of solidarity
  • Openness to others
  • Self-awareness and acknowledgment of others
  • Respect for one’s needs and those of others
  • Empathy and active listening
  • Discretion and respect for confidentiality

Our team consists of forty volunteers. Each volunteer is asked to commit to a minimum of three hours of support per week to patients and loved ones in the palliative care unit. Some volunteers also offer home care support and /or night watch.

L’Envolée provides its volunteers with regular training programs, wellbeing resources as well as activities expressing its appreciation and recognition

What a volunteer can do for a patient

  • Provide companionship and an attentive ear
  • Accompany patients in their daily activities
  • Provide help with dressing, grooming, and feeding, as well as with walking
  • Assist with reading and/or games
  • Listen to music with the patient, and accompany the person outside or in the garden, or wherever

What a volunteer can do for loved-ones

  • Offer a caring and comforting shoulder
  • Be present, be understanding
  • Provide support by listening, and giving information and guidance as need be
  • Propose moments of respite

Volunteers do not get involved in any nursing aspects of care nor provide any other professional care.  They commit to respecting the confidentiality of all information concerning patients and their families

How to become a volunteer

The criteria are as follows :

  • Agree to a one-year commitment
  • Be in good physical and psychological health
  • Complete the volunteer service application form
  • Be interviewed by a selection committee
  • Accept and pass a criminal record check
  • Follow a theoretical and practical training session which includes being paired off with experienced volunteers for a set time before solo volunteering with patients

It is highly recommended that individuals who have recently experienced bereavement, an illness or a breakup, wait at least 12 months before applying

If you are interested in joining our team or need more information, please call 819-843-3381, ext. 2462, to leave a message. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible