Équipe de bénévoles en soins palliatifs

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Our mission

  • For terminally-ill patients and their loved ones, we offer the support of volunteers in accordance with the philosophy of palliative care, and within the scope of our role as volunteers.
  • Provide physical, psychological, social and spiritual support and assistance to patients.
  • Provide the necessary support to families before, during and after the patient’s death.
  • Train, guide and support members of the volunteer team who interact with patients, family members and loved ones.

Our history

L’Envolée, a team of palliative care volunteers, was created in 1993 at the initiative of two hospital employees and a volunteer at the hospital and a long-term care unit in Magog at the time. After observing the sad state of isolation and distress in some of the patients at the end of their lives, these individuals felt compelled to contribute to improving the level of care offered to people in the last stages of their life.

L’ Envolée began operations with approximately fifteen volunteers focusing mainly on the lonely, during evenings and at night. Over the years, the team adapted to the growing needs of the community.

In 2001, an interdisciplinary team working in the field of palliative care approached L’Envolée for its collaboration in the development of a palliative home care support group.

Since 2010, L’Envolée‘s services have been integrated in the palliative care unit as a matter of priority with the opening of a new such unit under the name “L’Essentiel” on the 3rd floor of the Memphrémagog Health and Social Services Centre.

Presently, the L’Envolée team consists of forty trained volunteers who annually provide approximately 2,400 hours of assistance and support to individuals at the end of life in L’ Essentiel (the palliative care unit), at night as well, and in various long-term care units in the hospital.

L’Envolée is a non profit organization, managed and supported solely by dedicated volunteers both within the Board of Directors leadership team and various functional committees.

“Nous étions sortis pour voir le temps qu’il ferait demain
Mais la brume légère nous promettait le vent,
La haute mer et le sel
Et l’autre côté du monde.”

Gilles Vigneault

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During my husband’s stay at Magog Hospital in 2018, I had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary people, both among the dedicated medical staff as well as among the members of the caring, friendly and considerate volunteer team.

Their presence was of great comfort to me at this difficult time of life.

Thank you for being there!           

Johanne Mercier

I had the chance to meet the volunteers from L’Envolée during my father’s last days in palliative care.

The long hours of accompanying a loved one made us particularly hypersensitive and vulnerable. Thus, a volunteers’ understanding eyes, attentive listening and comforting words were all soothing gestures that made a real difference. 

I thank them from the bottom of my heart for helping me find serenity during this important and special time.

Rachel Auger

We very much appreciate receiving a testimonial from you, it is what allows our generous volunteers to concretize their implication, Thanks

the Direction of L'Envolée